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One circular coin. Square central hole. Obverse presents four Chinese characters 弘治通寶 (hongzhi tongbao). From the Hongzhi era of the reign of Emperor Xiaozong (1487-1505 AD).

Panel of blue silk, with embroidered designs of flying cranes and phoenix.

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Two embroidered Mandarin badges.

C1975.54 whole.jpg
Two mandarin badges.

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One female mandarin badge of embroidered silk in two parts, featuring phoenix, as attached to ceremonial robe.

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One ceramic vessel.

Peasants tobacco pipe, with small bowl of brass and bamboo stem.

One caramel-brown jade gui. Name 文仲子 (Wen Zhongzi) in seal script carved beside two holes at top end.

One blue and red collar with 17 tongues and with imitation pearls attached to them. On the collar itself are two dragons in blue and white. These are decorated with gold leaf and gold braid and are on the red background. There is a clasp of jade,…

One bronze daigou, with inlaid gold and silver.

Six rubbings of designs in stone.

One Mandarin hat. First rank. Dark brown silk, with pinky-red coral button on ornamental gilt base, and bright red tassels.

Two childrens toys, painted soapstone, both painted in red, black and white. A: Seated monkey with clasped hands. B: Squatting monkey, with hands to mouth.

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One green glazed hill jar.

One unglazed brown ceramic hu vessel. Globular body tapers towards a flat base and extends into a long neck flaring slightly at the top. Two animal heads moulded in shallow relief on opposing sides of vessel. Animal heads feature prominent nose…

Pottery group in three sections representing camel train on silk road.

One ring with decoration in enamel.

One pierced disc with opposed sculpture of two human figures each carrying sprays.

Standing figure of Xi’er in blanc de chine porcelain. Xi'er is the heroine of the Revolutionary ballet 'The White-Haired Girl' (Bai mao nu)

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One Tibetan holy script from Lamasery in Inner Mongolia.

One mounted ancestor portrait.

One mounted ancestor portrait.

One ancestor portrait.

One rubbing of bamboo and other plants.

One rubbing of Bodhidharma

One rubbing of the 'Nestorian Stele' in Xian.

One rubbing of a horse.

One rubbing of a horse.

One rubbing of a horse.

One rubbing of a horse.

One rubbing of a horse.

One rubbing of a figure and horse.

Large tinted paper print, probably from stone slab, featuring tortoise and snake. Inscription at top: 鎮宅龜蛇 ('Tortoise and snake that protect the house').

One painting featuring the eleventh of The Twenty-four Paragons of Filial Piety (Ershisi xiao), according to Guo Jujing (fl. 1300). Here Cai Shun collects mulberries for his mother. He explains to the rebels that the basket of sweet berries is for…

One rubbing of relief and engraved designs in pottery or stone.

One horizontal painting of figures and two mounted buffalo. Inscription as follows:
東圃三弟大人正 小齋張之溶畫(For Your Excellency, my brother, Dongpu. Painted by Zhang Zhirong)

One mounted painting on paper of landscape. Signature and seal of artist bottom left. Dedication to Alley top right. Signatures and seals of six friends, top left. Inscriptions as follows:

1. Top inscription:…

One rubbing of a goat head and repeated inscription. Detail at bottom indeterminable. Inscriptions: 大吉和 (great, auspicious, harmony).

One mounted painting of a buffalo tethered to a peg and a boy lying in a tree. Inscriptions as follows:
1. Top right: 霜葉紅於二月花 (frosted leaves are as red as the February flowers)
2. Middle and left: 艾黎先生方家雅教 可染敬贈 (Mr. Alley, the master, please…

One painting on paper of Liu Hai (a god of wealth) standing on a toad and playing the flute.

One brown clam-shaped netsuke. Lighter brown markings. Emulates surface texture and patterning of an actual clam shell. One face presents two small pierces threaded through with light green string.

One painting on silk of the Yongle emperor (1360-1424). Inscription as follows:

One rubbing of Confucius.

One painted figure of a bodhisattva and calligraphy. Title of inscription:
大唐中興三藏聖教序 (Preface to [the Translations of] Sacred Teachings [Prepared by] the Master of Three Canons during the Period of Resurgence of the Great Tang)

One folio of eight botanical woodblock prints.

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Two rubbings of circular designs.

Four paintings on bamboo of landscapes.

One facsimilie of a painting on paper featuring mythical figures.

One painting in ink of bamboo.

painting vertcal_4.jpg
Painted landscape on paper of mountains, water and hut. Inscription as follows:
乙酉冬日為/少南仁兄法家校正/鏗衡尹相設色/時年六十有九 (In the winter of Yiyou year [probably 1945], for your honour Shaonan. Yin Xiang painted in colour at the age of 69)
top left: 鏗衡…

One painting on paper of flowering lotuses. The inscription and seal are as follows:
味青/李樹滋/寫於/白下/葆真/書屋/時丁酉/之冬 (Weiqing, [also called] Li Shuzi, painted in Baozhen Studio, Baixia [district of Nanjing), in the winter of Dingyou year [1957].)

One painting on paper of a central Buddhist figure seated on a lotus throne flanked by one figure either side.

One cylindrical brass and copper Tibetan-style prayer wheel. Barrel presents two bands of Tibetan characters moulded in low relief. Barrel lid takes the form of a lotus bud surmounting a flattened hemisphere and a broad flat rim. Upper surface…


One horizontal painting on silk of a landscape.

One horizontal painting of a seascape with islands, which depicts the Taoist mountains and isles. The long colophon is an explanation of the painting, describing five yue (high mountains), three shan (mountains or hills), and ten zhou (islands). The…

One brown stone amulet.

One dark grey Japanese bowl. Mark on bottom: 備前 (Bizen [yaki]) and 陶仙 ([Matsui] Tosen).



One rectangular yellow-brown wooden box. Lid presents six Chinese characters in pale green pigment. Box interior lined in dark green satin. Contains ten miniature heads each elaborately painted with examples of theatrical makeup. Beneath each head is…

Two cloisonne vases.

One cloisonne box with lid.


One bronze portrait of Rewi Alley.

One Mongol helmet. Crown cap, peak, front and back ridges of delicately designed iron work, formerly inlaid with gold and silver; helmet made by the riveting together of two halves; peak and locking plate riveted onto helmet. Designed for an officer…

One snuff bottle. Painted on inside.

One daigou in opaque white jade.

One grey and brown jade ceremonial blade with incised fish.

One green jade daiguo

One white and brown jade ornament.

One glazed Fujian blanc de chine figure of a boy.

One ceramic barrel-shaped snuff bottle without stopper. White ground with 18 children in blue and red playing games beneath a tree. Boat on bottom.

One white glazed earthenware vessel, with pinkish hue at base, floral decoration on underglaze blue. Yi, Korean.

One circular coin. Square central hole. Obverse presents four worn Chinese characters 道光通寶 (daoguang tongbao). Reverse presents two worn Manchu characters boo yun (Yunnan province mint). From the Daoguang era (1821-1850 AD) of the reign of emperor…

Two rock crysal seals. Each with two dragons in relief on top (mirror pair). A with seal in relief at base, characters in copy of ancient script. B with modern characters in relief at base, in modern (comparatively) seal style. In case.

One cuboid brass weight. One side presents two Chinese characters 肆兩 (four taels).

One circular glazed pale green ceramic vessel. Bowl exhibits a wide mouth and out-turned lip and rests on three short equidistantly-spaced feet. Rim of bowl is glazed plain white.

One ceramic head of an animal. The head of the figure is glazed black and its neck grey-brown. A small hole embellishes the figure's jaws.

One glazed green ceramic oil lamp in the form of an elongated cylinder with an attached handle. Upper part of body tapers slightly inwards before abruptly opening out into a wide shallow circular bowl with a small cut-out on one side. Lower body is…

One globular glazed sancai ware vase surmounted by a shallow neck over broad shoulders and tapering to a shallow narrow base. Vase presents loosely applied geometric pattern in yellow and green glaze over a glazed white ground.

One long slender yellow-brown bamboo bow strung with hemp.

One glazed green ceramic oil lamp in the form of an elongated cylinder. Upper third of body tapers above a horizontal ridge before abruptly opening out into a shallow circular dish. Lower body is attached to a broad circular dish-shaped base with a…

One elongated green-white jade pendant. Darker green-brown vein. Serpentine sagittal cross-section. Convex obverse presents incised details. Small sideways hole pierced through uppermost part of pendant.

One crescent-shaped green-brown jade pendant. Darker green-brown vein. Obverse and reverse present incised ruyi fungal patterns. Small hole pierced through top edge with bright red cord threaded through.

One white jade daigou. Yellow-brown vein. Obverse carved into the form of a fish with a raised double-finned tail and wide open jaws closing on a ball.

One Yixing yellow-brown ceramic vessel with a short narrow neck sumounting wide shoulders themselves disposed over a three-lobed globular body. Each lobe exhibits a moulded animal head attached to its upper shoulder and tapers to a short stubby foot…

One glazed earthenware ridge tile moulded in the form of a caped and pantalooned figure standing legs astride in a defiant posture. Ridge tile presents semi-circular cross-section. Figure's clothing is glazed green whilst face and body are glazed in…

One unglazed grey and ochre earthenware figure of a horse and rider mounted on a rectangular base. Traces of red pigment visible on rider's hood and saddle. Rider's arms are raised as if to grasp a bridle that is now missing. Horse's tail is broken…

One glazed white tan and yellow earthenware mask with moulded and incised details. Facial features are exaggerated. Two circular holes define the pupils of the eyes. The eyebrows spiral out in wide fans embellished with linear incisions. The nose is…

One unglazed slate-grey and ochre earthenware figure in the form of a robed kneeling man.

One unglazed slate-grey earthenware figure in the form of a camel. Figure is hollow-bodied and exhibits traces of red and ochre pigment. Both front legs have been broken off and reattached.

One bronze daigou painted black with decorative patterning in red. In the form of bird with a semi-circular body and a long hooked neck. Convex obverse of body presents geometric pattern; sides of body exhibit keyhole pattern. Head exhibits small…

Two unglazed burnished earthenware figurines in the form of robed and hooded dancers. One figurine is presented with both arms extended and other with its left arm raised and right arm held behind its back. Robed bodies of both figurines are painted…

One cylindrical brass Tibetan-style prayer wheel with a spindle emerging from the base. Barrel presents six Tibetan characters moulded in low relief. Barrel top surface exhibits quatrefoil lotus pattern surrounding a central triskelion motif. Barrel…

One amber-coloured glass snuff bottle. A short wide neck with an inner cone tapering to a narrow opening surmounts a flattened rounded rectangular body tapering at the bottom towards an oval-shaped base. One interior face presents a painted scene of…

One circular glazed Romanian ceramic ewer with a globular body tapering to a shallow narrow base and surmounted by a tall neck flaring outwards to a wide mouth. Vessel presents a large handle curving from the mid-neck to the mid-body. Ewer presents…

One brass-gilded warming pan and lid. Pan presents out-turned rim surmounting a flattened cylindrical body tapering slightly to a flat circular base. Base underside presents a dark brown symbol and signs of brown-green corrosion in one area. Riveted…

One gourd-shaped qihe (lacquer box). Exterior presents elaborate relief-carved botanical pattern in dark green lacquer. Interior exhibits gilt-lacquered segmented lobe pattern.

One dark brown lacquered wood box. Top and sides present relief-carved ruyi patterns the interiors of which are embellished with parallel red striations; plain flat base.

One circular brass button. Obverse outer circumference presents a geometric pattern surrounding a central design of a bird plants and flowers. Reverse exhibits metal loop.

Two bone ornaments.
(1) One cream-yellow bone disc. Large circular central hole. Obverse presents four Chinese characters 一去千裡 (once gone a thousand miles).
(2) One cream-yellow bone disc. Small circular central hole. Obverse presents five Chinese…

One wheel-shaped ornament with cross in centre as spoke.

One rectangular brown carved wood fasting tablet. Obverse and reverse present a relief-carved botanical border surrounding a central rectangle containing two inscribed Chinese characters: 齋戒 (zhai jie, “fasting”); and 潔靜 (jie jing, “clean and pure”).…

One bronze demon-like figure, holding wine cup and phallus.

One gilded bronze figure with red and white colours on head. Four legs and six arms, two holding an object.

One ornamented bronze tip for a bow.

One bronze ladle.

One cream and light tan carved model stone pedestal in the form of a drum. Squat cylinder bulging at the waist. Upper and lower rims ringed with a beaded pattern; mid-section presents a botanical design in low relief. A metal pipe is inserted into a…

One glazed pale green globular reticulated ceramic cicada cage. Exterior embellished with three equidistantly spaced badges illustrating multi-coloured figures in garden landscapes. Red-brown glazed cap. Vessel body threaded through with blue string…

One Yixing ceramic cup with a large ring-shaped handle and a wide fluted rim tapering gradually to a narrower base. Cup exterior is chocolate brown and presents incised inscription: 玉川吟興 陽羨德x主人付刻. Cup interior is glazed blue-white with a prominent…

One serpentine crystal daigou. Red-brown vein. Upper part of obverse presents carved head of a dragon. Obverse body presents incised serpentine botanical design.

One serpentine red-brown wood daigou. Upper part of obverse presents carved head of a dragon. Obverse body presents serpentine relief carving of a dragon.

One small dark brown stone ornament in the form of a human head. Lighter-brown vein. Hair of figure is arranged in the form of a peak and defined by incised parallel grooves. Longitudinal hole pierced up into head at the base of the neck.

One elongated pale green jade hair ornament. Darker green vein. Presents a narrow waist with a silver mount that flares out to pointed end-pieces. Each end-piece defines a slight angle in relation to the main body.

One elongated rectangular green jade hair ornament. Grey-green vein. Obverse presents incised botanical design that pierces jade at several points. One end terminates in a narrow tab angled acutely in relation to ornament's main body. At the other…

One approximately triangular pale green jade pendant in the form of a couchant animal. Darker green-brown vein. Small hole in the head. Appears to have been broken off at the base.

One approximately ring-shaped grey-white jade ornamental lug. Blue-brown vein. Possibly a handle broken off a vessel or receptacle. Outward-facing edge presents carved head of a serpent or reptile.

One elongated gui-shaped yellow-brown jade ornament. Darker olive-brown-flecked vein. One end presents chevron cut-out; the other end is pointed. Two small holes; one pierced just above chevron apex and the other pierced just below the opposing…

One elongated blade-shaped brown-green jade gui-shaped ornament squared off at one end and pointed at the other. Darker brown-green vein.

One circular, half-spherical pin head, ornamented with three spirals. Drilled down centre.

One pale green jade pin. Darker green vein. Upper end defines a pointed teardrop shape surmounting a ribbed and segmented mid-body and a longer tapering lower section.

One white mutton fat jade hair ornament with a slightly convex sagittal cross-section. Obverse presents carved and incised serpentine botantical design bounded at either end by ruyi fungal patterns. Design pierces jade at many points. Upper end…

One blue-white jade pendant comprising thirteen individual pieces carved into the forms of birds and fishes. Obverse and reverse of pieces present incised details. Pendant components joined with fine metal chain links. Upper part of pendant suspended…

One rectangular white mutton fat jade hair ornament with a slightly convex sagittal cross-section. Obverse presents carved and incised serpentine botantical design bounded at one end by a butterfly and at the other end by a ruyi fungal pattern.…

One white jade pendant in the form of a bird. Light brown vein. Obverse presents carved head of bird standing proud of flat body with swept-back wings and tail. Small hole pierced in upper part of right wing.

One white jade pendant in the form of a stag. Almost flat in the frontal plane. Obverse presents incised details. Jade is pierced to define gaps between forelegs and antlers. Small hole in muzzle.

One translucent white jade pin. Upper half presents carved design of bird and flowers that pierces jade at several points.

One elongated translucent white jade pin. Upper part of shaft embellished with carved serpentine design that pierces jade at several points.

One semi-circular translucent pale green jade comb. Handle presents carved couchant dragon design. One missing tooth. Comb has been broken in half and subsequently repaired.

One rectangular glazed white ceramic plaque. Obverse presents a multi-coloured design of a cicada on a spray of grasses and flowers. At upper right are two lines of writing: 機聲迭奏豐年曲 李明亮寫於昌江客邸 ('The sounds of nature take turns playing the tune of a…

One rubbing of scribe at a table, with two attendants, one with fan, and inscription. The script at top is a eulogy for King Wen of Zhou Dynasty (1152-1056 BC). The rubbing is probably from Luoyang Longma Futu temple.

One circular album painting on silk mounted on square of paper depicting traveller on donkey in snow with attendant.
Inscription as follows:
端陽前一日寫應子元仁棣大人屬即正 漣波剛清 (Dedicated to Ziyuan, painted a day before the Dragon Boat Festival. Lianbo,…

One rubbing of a figure riding a fish.

One rubbing of three three dancers.

One rubbing of two men depicted in black and cow depicted in red.

One rubbing of a feathered man (yuren) and dragon.

One rubbing of four mermen.

One rubbing possibly of a bronze vessel with panels showing hunters, animals and formal patterns.

One rubbing of a fisherman on a boat with nets.

One rubbing of two warriors, one on horseback.

One photograph of a girl in rich clothes.

Suite of 22 prints

Cardboard cover which acted as folder for collection of 12 coloured wood cut prints, obtained in Suzhou by Rewi Alley. Folder has embossed front cover imitating surface of tree truck, with oval framed lithograph image of Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany…

One glazed blue and white ceramic dish in the shape of an ancient Chinese yuanbao or shoe-shaped gold/silver ingot. Dish exterior presents botanical designs; dish interior presents a zig-zag pattern near the rim and a rectangular-bordered design in…

One circular glazed blue and white ceramic bowl with a shallow base. Bowl exterior presents repeating pattern of serpentine and geometric designs. Bowl interior presents simple motif in the centre of the base. Underside of bowl presents an…

One circular glazed blue and white ceramic bowl with a shallow base. Bowl exterior presents hexagonal pattern just under the rim and botanical designs at the base. Bowl interior exhibits botanical pattern just under the rim and a dragon design in the…

One circular glazed blue and ceramic bowl with a shallow base. Bowl exterior presents serpentine botanical design. Bowl interior presents eight serpentine motifs bordering similarly curvilinear botanical pattern on the base. Underside of base of bowl…

One glazed blue and white ceramic vase with a globular body surmounted by a long neck and flaring lip and a shallow slightly out-turned base. Extending halfway around exterior of vase is a design that shows two figures by water. The other side of the…

One glazed blue and white ceramic vase with a globular body thin neck and shallow base. Extending halfway around exterior of vase is a landscape design of rocks and trees with a seated fisherman to the left.

One yellow-white ivory puzzle ball comprising openwork carved and pierced concentric spheres. The outermost shell presents an intricate pattern of figures and botanical forms interleaved with ring-shaped openings. The next shell inwards exhibits a…

One circular translucent white jade yuan. Red-brown vein. Large circular central hole.

One fifth rank ji guan (Chinese court official's hat) insignia. Comprises a transparent glass sphere threaded between a three tier base and double tier cap of gilt metal lotus-like leaf-shaped scrolls embellished with trefoil beads.

One glazed sancai ware ewer with an elongated globular body surmounted by long narrow neck and resting on a flared base. The shoulder of the ewer is joined to its neck by a semi-circular moulded handle arcing through the neck to terminate in the form…

One round shaped, white and blue ceramic dish. Shallow dish with a shallow base. A light blue underglaze with darker blue painted details. On the outside of the dish is a series of eight designs bordered by two thin lines under the rim of the dish…

One rectangular yellow-white jade sui. Obverse presents serpentine relief carving. Reverse presents a flat surface.

One white openwork carved and pierced ivory sculpture in the form of an arc-shaped hollow flattened cylinder. Outer surface depicts garden landscape containing figures structures and trees.

One cicada cage. Body fashioned from yellow-brown gourd. One end capped with intricately carved botanical pattern in ivory- or bone-coloured material.

One pale green jade snuff bottle. A short narrow neck surmounts a flattened rounded rectangular body with high shoulders tapering towards an oval-shaped base. Short sides exhibit carved taotie designs. Plain hemispherical pink stopper and green…

One yellow-white jade sui. Upper part of object defines a double spiral comprising two symmetrically opposed serpentine carved dragons the heads and open mouths of which meet either side of a small suspended sphere. Lower part of object fashioned…

One glazed blue and white ceramic snuff bottle. A short narrow neck surmounts a flattened circular body tapering towards an oval-shaped base. Rim ringed with botanical pattern. Body presents a continuous design of people engaged in a range of…

One glazed white ceramic snuff bottle. A short narrow neck surmounts a flattened spade-shaped body tapering towards a narrow rectangular base. Gold glaze rings bottle rim and defines boundary of each face. Short sides and neck present glazed blue and…

One glazed ceramic snuff bottle. A short narrow neck surmounts a long cylindrical body tapering at the bottom towards a circular base. Dominant glaze colours are blue and white with touches of pink red-brown and green. Upper shoulders and neck ringed…

One white glass snuff bottle. A short narrow neck surmounts a flattened pear-shaped body tapering towards the base. Overlay carved in continuous pattern of red leaves and fruit. Intricately carved peach-coloured coral stopper and yellow glass collar.

One glazed white ceramic head and upper body of a figurine. Facial features detailed in black with lips in red. Hat and robes coloured black orange yellow and green.

One creamy-white carved ivory figure. In the form of a flattened cylinder open at both ends presenting the mouth head and limbs of a stylised frog. Figure's flat underside pierced with small circular hole.

One circular glazed ceramic vase with a short narrow neck over broad shoulders and a long body tapering slightly towards the base. Vase exterior circumference presents design of fish and coral in blue and black glaze on a white-glazed ground.…

One circular glazed white ceramic bowl with a slightly flaring lip and a shallow narrow base. Bowl exterior is decorated with five horses detailed in black and red-brown. Underside of base of bowl exhibits mark of Daoguang Emperor (1820-1850).

One ceramic figurine of a seated man grasping a ring in his left hand and a balancing a sword on its pommel in his right hand. Figure is dressed in an elaborate headdress and robes and sports a long flowing beard. Figurine obverse is glazed…

One irregularly shaped, brown iron glazed jar, from the Song Dynasty (960-1279). Two small handles with ridges attached to either side of the jar just under rim. Glaze covers three quarters of the object from the top, leaving the bottom quarter…

One adze-shaped jade object. Cream-white with brown-flecked vein. Obverse and reverse present incised dragon design in horizontal band. Small hole pierced at top.

One suite of 237 coloured prints.

One rubbing of carriage drawn by a horse, containing a man. Man driving the horse, and another man walking behind, carrying bundles on a shoulder pole. The characters at the top in Han Dynasty clerical script, read "後元二年六月” (June of the second year…

One rubbing of house with three people and tree with bird. Line of characters on right side.

One print of figure standing on clouds and tablet.

One print depicting Buddha and group of 34 figures.

One print of husband and wife and two children at a table,with candles and vases of flowers. Inscription at top reads: "大中華帝國洪憲元年灶君之神位”, meaning "The Tablet for the Kitchen God in the First Year (1916) of Hong Xian Emperor of the Empire of China”.…

One coloured print of husband and wife and two children at table, with candles and vases of flowers.

One print of two dancing figures.

One print of two sides of large bi.

One print of men standing on horse, man riding horse, two birds, elephant, pig, and man.

One rubbing showing chariots, buildings and diamond and dot patterns, etc in panels.

One print depicting yuren and dragons.

One rubbing depicting four mermen.

One rubbing depicting a tiger.

One rubbing depicting two men.

One rubbing depicting a man and a lion.

One worn quatrefoil red-brown metal sword guard or tsuba. Japanese origin. One face presents moulded designs in the form of two horned figures in a landscape with waterfalls and bamboo. The other face exhibits moulded designs of waterfalls and bamboo…

One light tan carved bone ornament in the form of a cicada. Obverse and reverse exhibit incised details of eyes wings and body segments.

One unglazed red-brown earthenware vessel. Globular shape with curved handle connecting waist and neck. Spout missing.

One elongated cylindrical red-brown wood sculpture. Exterior presents relief carving of robed figures in a garden landscape. Sculpture open at the top but plugged at the bottom. Wood exhibits several vertical splits.

One yellow-brown carved stone squatting figure on a small base. Exhibits prominent eyes and ears and a dangling beard. Hole drilled into base between figure's legs.

One fourth rank ji guan (Chinese court official's hat) insignia. Comprises a gold-flecked blue sphere threaded between a gilt metal base and cap. Base exhibits stylised botanical pattern; cap is unembellished. Blue sphere chipped on one side with…

One seventh rank ji guan (Chinese court official's hat) insignia fabricated from gilt metal. Comprises a slightly elongated unembellished sphere disposed between an eight-tier base and single-tier cap. Base and cap exhibit stylised flowers with…

One seventh rank  ji guan (Chinese court official's hat) insignia fabricated from bronze with traces of gilding. Comprises an unembellished sphere threaded between a base and cap. Base exhibits moulded design of birds and flowers; cap exhibits seal…

One sixth rank ji guan (Chinese court official's hat) insignia. Comprises an opaque white chalcedony sphere threaded between a multi-tiered base and single-tiered cap of gilt metal. Base decoration consists of lotus-like leaf-shaped scrolls and…

One fourth rank ji guan (Chinese court official's hat) insignia. Comprises an opaque blue and white lapis lazuli sphere threaded between a multi-tiered base and single-tiered cap of gilt metal. Sphere exhibits darker blue vein. Base decoration…
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