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Ceramic: plaque


One rectangular glazed white ceramic plaque. Obverse presents a multi-coloured design of a cicada on a spray of grasses and flowers. At upper right are two lines of writing: 機聲迭奏豐年曲 李明亮寫於昌江客邸 ('The sounds of nature take turns playing the tune of a bumper harvest year. Li Mingliang paints in the guest mansion of Changjiang'). Inscription at the top left indicates that this porcelain painting was selected as a gift for Li’s friend Ronghui during the 1930s.


Rewi Alley


A painter from southern Anhui, Li Mingliang was a master of porcelain painting during the Republic of China period, and known for grass-and-insect painting. He was posthumously awarded the title of 'Chinese Ceramics and Porcelain Painting Master'. Part of a collection Alley gave to Canterbury Museum during Museum director Roger Duff's trip to China in 1956.

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Republic of China (1911-1949)


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