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Painting: flowering lotus


One painting on paper of flowering lotuses. The inscription and seal are as follows:
味青/李樹滋/寫於/白下/葆真/書屋/時丁酉/之冬 (Weiqing, [also called] Li Shuzi, painted in Baozhen Studio, Baixia [district of Nanjing), in the winter of Dingyou year [1957].)
Seal: 樹滋賦色 ("Shuzi painted with colour”)


Li Weiqing (1909-1997)


Rewi Alley


Li Weiqing (1909-1997) was a 20th century master of flower-and-bird painting. Based in Nanjing, he was equally famous as Qi Baishi in the 1950s.

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