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Clothing : collar
One blue and red collar with 17 tongues and with imitation pearls attached to them. On the collar itself are two dragons in blue and white. These are decorated with gold leaf and gold braid and are on the red background. There is a clasp of jade,…

Clothing: hat
One Mandarin hat. First rank. Dark brown silk, with pinky-red coral button on ornamental gilt base, and bright red tassels.

Implement: ring
One ring with decoration in enamel.

Pendant: netsuke
One brown clam-shaped netsuke. Lighter brown markings. Emulates surface texture and patterning of an actual clam shell. One face presents two small pierces threaded through with light green string.

Instrument: prayer wheel
One cylindrical brass and copper Tibetan-style prayer wheel. Barrel presents two bands of Tibetan characters moulded in low relief. Barrel lid takes the form of a lotus bud surmounting a flattened hemisphere and a broad flat rim. Upper surface…

Display: masks
One rectangular yellow-brown wooden box. Lid presents six Chinese characters in pale green pigment. Box interior lined in dark green satin. Contains ten miniature heads each elaborately painted with examples of theatrical makeup. Beneath each head is…

Cloisonne: box
One cloisonne box with lid.

Armour: helmet
One Mongol helmet. Crown cap, peak, front and back ridges of delicately designed iron work, formerly inlaid with gold and silver; helmet made by the riveting together of two halves; peak and locking plate riveted onto helmet. Designed for an officer…

Bronze: daigou
One bronze daigou painted black with decorative patterning in red. In the form of bird with a semi-circular body and a long hooked neck. Convex obverse of body presents geometric pattern; sides of body exhibit keyhole pattern. Head exhibits small…

Instrument: prayer wheel
One cylindrical brass Tibetan-style prayer wheel with a spindle emerging from the base. Barrel presents six Tibetan characters moulded in low relief. Barrel top surface exhibits quatrefoil lotus pattern surrounding a central triskelion motif. Barrel…

Lacquer: container
One gourd-shaped qihe (lacquer box). Exterior presents elaborate relief-carved botanical pattern in dark green lacquer. Interior exhibits gilt-lacquered segmented lobe pattern.

Bone: ornaments
Two bone ornaments.
(1) One cream-yellow bone disc. Large circular central hole. Obverse presents four Chinese characters 一去千裡 (once gone a thousand miles).
(2) One cream-yellow bone disc. Small circular central hole. Obverse presents five Chinese…

Bronze: wheel
One wheel-shaped ornament with cross in centre as spoke.

Bronze: finial
One ornamented bronze tip for a bow.

Ceramic: cicada cage
One glazed pale green globular reticulated ceramic cicada cage. Exterior embellished with three equidistantly spaced badges illustrating multi-coloured figures in garden landscapes. Red-brown glazed cap. Vessel body threaded through with blue string…

Button: ji guan
One fifth rank ji guan (Chinese court official's hat) insignia. Comprises a transparent glass sphere threaded between a three tier base and double tier cap of gilt metal lotus-like leaf-shaped scrolls embellished with trefoil beads.

Armament: tsuba
One worn quatrefoil red-brown metal sword guard or tsuba. Japanese origin. One face presents moulded designs in the form of two horned figures in a landscape with waterfalls and bamboo. The other face exhibits moulded designs of waterfalls and bamboo…

Ceramic: beads
Five beads. From top to bottom they are:

(1) glazed yellow brown and green ceramic in a pattern of discs and dots.

(2) glazed yellow tan brown and light blue ceramic in a pattern of discs and geometric shapes. Cylindrical with a relatively…

Shell: turtle
Several light tan and brown turtle shell fragments bearing traces of red-ochre pigment.

Bronze: implement
One spade-shaped bronze axe head. Small rectangular flange behind the blade. Obverse and reverse present green patina and taotie pattern moulded in relief.

Bronze: button
One circular bronze button with patches of brown metal visible amidst blue-green corrosion. Obverse convex with a narrow flat rim. Reverse flat with bar loop.

Bronze: fragment
One approximately triangular bronze fragment from the rim of a bowl. Exhibits gray-green patina. Obverse face presents serpentine pattern moulded in shallow relief.

Bone: fragment
One approximately rectangular cream-white bone fragment slightly curved in cross-section. Burnished convex obverse presents incised inscriptions at one end and a pattern of fine cracks at the other. Rougher concave reverse exhibits remains of at…

Bone: fragment
One approximately rectangular yellow-brown bone fragment. Burnished obverse presents incised inscriptions. Shape of object (resembling turtle plastron or ox scapula) in conjunction with presence of inscriptions on burnished obverse supports its…

Bone: fragment
One cylindrical hollow cream-brown bone fragment broken into two pieces. Each piece is filled with clay.

Jade: ornament
One cylindrical hollowed-out pale green jade ornament with inset cylindrical brass container. Brown vein. Upper surface of brass container presents moulded dragon design.

Jade: cylinder
One jade cylinder. Splayed to either end and drilled lengthwise.

Bone: fragment
One long slender light brown bone fragment resembling a spatula. Exhibits traces of green colouring.

Bone: fragment
One cream-yellow solid bone fragment in the form of a short flattened cylinder with a large notch cut out of one end.

Stone: shard
One cream and tan disc-shaped carved stone shard with a slightly hemispherical cross-section. Presents a small circular central piercing. Part of the rim has been broken off.

Stone: shard
One white and light tan disc-shaped carved stone shard. Flat on one side and convex on the other. Presents a small circular central piercing. Nearly half of the rim has been broken off.

Horn: fragment
One cup-shaped light tan horn fragment cut from the coronet of a deer antler. Exterior surface exhibits traces of red-ochre and green colouring.

Bone: ornament
One yellow-brown hollow bone cylinder. Waist exhibits two parallel grooves incised around outer circumference. Flares slightly outwards towards the ends each of which presents a carved lip.

Horn: fragment
One cone-shaped hollow red-brown horn fragment. Exhibits incised geometric patterns near its base.

Bone: ornament
One yellow-brown hollow bone cylinder narrowing slightly at the waist. Exterior surface presents incised patterning.

Soupstone: seal
One red-brown and cream cuboid soapstone seal. Predominantly cream-coloured upper end embellished with carved tortoise bearing a baby tortoise on its back. Bottom face carved with seal pattern.

Cloisonné: pendant
One chevron-shaped metal pendant decorated on both sides with ruyi patterns in blue red and yellow cloisonné enamel.

Bronze: vessel
One bronze gu. Exhibits green patina and metallic red-brown flecks. Elongated cylindrical body flaring outwards from waist. Upper rim is approximately twice as wide as the lower. Raised band encircles the waist bounded above by one raised ring and…

Bronze: shell
One gilded bronze imitation conch shell on stand.

Silk: embroidered sheet
One rectangular pink-white silk sheet embroidered with a multicoloured design of five flying dragons pursuing flaming red spheres.

Painting: religious
One vividly painted rectangular canvas monastery scroll. Obverse exhibits botanical border in purple and magenta surrounding a central design rendered in red orange blue and green. Buddhist theme.

Tablet: ancestral
One tall rectilinear dark brown lacquered wooden ancestral tablet and base with traces of gilding. A carved dragon head surmounts the upper front face with relief carvings of full-length dragons defining a narrow rectangular border on the remainder…

Money: paper
One rectangular paper banknote. Obverse presents stamps and seals in red and black pigment and Chinese-language inscriptions in blue and black pigment contained within a rectangular border featuring two dragons near the top and a wave pattern along…

Money: paper
Three rectangular paper banknotes. Obverse of each note presents two faded seals in red pigment and inscriptions in black pigment contained within a rectangular border design featuring intertwined dragon motifs and a central illustration of ten…

Instrument: Back scratcher
One long slender yellow-brown wooden back scratcher. Central part of main body incorporates an abacus directly carved from the wood medium.

Beverage: brick tea
One dark brown tablet of brick tea. Obverse stamped with a tripartite design comprising (top) a row of five stars; (middle) a gazebo-like structure framed by plants; (bottom) two rows of Chinese characters 中國茶業公司 趙李橋磚茶廠製造
(Chinese Tea Corporation.…

Ceramic: table screen
One large rectangular glazed white ceramic table screen mounted in an elaborately carved dark stained hardwood frame and stand. Obverse of table screen presents multi-coloured design of groups of animals in a mountainous forested landscape: 百獸 (bai…

Game: Zhuangyuan Chou counters
One green and brown embroidered pouch containing sixty two rectangular ivory counters for the gambling game zhuangyuan chou 狀元籌. Various types of counters are engraved with Chinese characters and pictorial illustrations.

Writing tool: ink stick and case
One black ink stick in the form of a flattened rectangular slab. Contained in a case lined with pink satin. Ink stick is broken into several pieces. Exterior faces embellished with continuous stamped design of plants and insects. One broad face…

Wood: lacquered box
One red-brown lacquered wood box. Lid and sides decorated with a garden landscape design. Metallic-gold coloured hinges and clasp.

Ivory: pin
One elongated light tan and white carved ivory pin broken at the neck. Head exhibits carved incised bilaterally symmetric design. Presented in dark blue box with Chinese characters on lid and light blue interior lining.

Ceramic: oil lamp
One crackle-glazed green-white ceramic oil lamp in the form of a wide-rimmed spouted globular body attached to a saucer-shaped base with a vertical handle.

Jade: pendant
One green-white jade pendant. Yellow-green vein. Oblong-shaped with rounded corners. Small oblong hole in centre. Upper edge presents carved dragon decoration with brown cord threaded through. Obverse and reverse present serpentine patterns.

Jade: sui
One grey-white jade sui. Yellow-brown vein. Obverse presents two incised characters.

Jade: ring
One circular grey-white jade ring. Yellow-green vein. Large circular central hole.

Gourd: vessel
One yellow-brown vessel fashioned from a gourd.

Instrument: compass
One box-shaped red-brown wooden geomantic compass or luopan contained within a lacquered box. Upper part of front face contains a rectangular grid populated by Chinese characters in black and red pigment. Lower part of front face presents a minutely…

Stone: mould
One approximately triangular tablet-like tan-coloured carved stone mould. Each face presents four cavo-rilievo designs. On one side the juxtaposition of a leaf a lotus blossom and a figure riding a fish echoes traditional Chinese symbolism for good…

Jade: bi
One circular roughly cut brown-flecked white jade bi. Four equidistantly-spaced projecting lugs on outer circumference. Medium-sized circular central hole.

Jade: gui
One short blade-shaped translucent white jade gui. Brown-flecked vein. Hole at the top. Upper third of body exhibits three incised lines; upper line intersects hole.

Stone: pendant
One yellow-brown carved stone pendant in the form of a square tablet. One side of the pendant presents two small holes piercing opposing corners and threaded through with orange cord.

Glass: brush rest
One tinted purple blown glass brush rest in the form of the head of a trident with rounded points - those on the sides curving inwards. Interior of object contains air bubbles.

Wood: tablet
One rectangular dark grey relief-carved wooden tablet with long straight sides and trefoil ends. One side presents architectural forms juxtaposed with landscape features. The other side presents two stylised dragons and three Chinese characters 漱芳齋…

Writing tool: ink tablet
One black ink tablet in the form of a flattened square with a raised perimeter. Obverse presents trigram k'un (earth) in gold pigment bounded by a gold circle. Reverse presents stamped illustration of the Eighteen Luohan (personal disciples of the…

Writing tool: ink stick and case
One rectangular black lacquered silk-lined case containing two rectangular grey ink sticks broken into two pieces. Case lid presents four gold Chinese characters 仿古藏煙 (modelled after antique inks). Left and right upper obverses present sun and clouds…

Jade: adze-shaped
One adze-shaped jade object. White with grey-brown vein. Obverse and reverse present band of six incised lines. Three holes in top with black cord threaded through.

Jade: bead
One cylindrical yellow-brown jade bead. Dark brown vein. Hole pierced through longitudinal axis. Threaded through with red cord knotted at either end to secure bead.

Jade: sword-guard
One triangluar white jade sword-guard. Grey-brown vein. Narrow rectangular slot pierced through cross-section. Brown cord threaded through. Obverse and reverse present shallow relief-carved serpentine patterns and an incised stylised animal head.

Jade: adze-shaped
One elongated adze-shaped jade object. Blue-grey with darker blue vein. Upper extremity terminates in short handle and collar. Obverse lower end presents chisel-shaped slightly-stepped concavity.

Ceramic: shard
One ceramic shard. Obverse presents blue and white glazed design of a robed woman.

Jade: carving
One furnishing for lower end of sword scabbard. White, ornamented with geometric pattern of squares. Three holes at top.

Ceramic: brush stand
One glazed blue and white ceramic figure. In the form of two fish with upraised tails flanking a central vertical form the obverse and reverse of which are emblazoned with Chinese characters.

Gold plated medallion for 'World Decade for Cultural Development' (1988-1997). Depicts a hologram of four theatrical masks on one side. On reverse are three dancing women with ribbons and inscription. In pink velvet case.

One circular bronze medallion. Obverse presents head and shoulders portrait of Sun Yat-sen. Reverse upper outer circumference presents Chinese characters within which is an illustration of a the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, Nanjing.

Seal: Rewi Alley
Personal seal of Rewi Alley carved in ivory depicting the traditional male lion with front paw on a sphere (in small case). Inscribed 艾黎 (Aili) in seal script.

Presented to Rewi Alley on his 85th birthday, granting him the first honorary citizenship of Beijing in 1982.

Commemorative disc
Perspex disc with red backing and engraved Chinese characters. Disc sitting on perspex base with yellow Chinese characters. Backed with a clear perspex stand.

Ceramic: tile
One semi-circular unglazed light tan earthenware tile. Obverse presents moulded motifs in the form of a central tree flanked by two stylised figures mounted on horseback.

Bronze: amulet
In diamond, with loops on each arm of cross. Back loop. Known as a 'Nestorian Cross'.

Jade: screen
Small ornamental table screen in form of jade tablet, featuring finely (carved) inscribed script (obverse) and dragon design (reverse). Commemorates first woman who had silk worms in China by discovering use of mulberry leaves. Obverse: 御題蠶織圖 (The…
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