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Implements/tools collection: description.

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Pipe: smoking
Peasants tobacco pipe, with small bowl of brass and bamboo stem.

Jade: daigou
One daigou in opaque white jade.

Jade: daiguo
One green jade daiguo

Ceramic: oil lamp
One glazed green ceramic oil lamp in the form of an elongated cylinder with an attached handle. Upper part of body tapers slightly inwards before abruptly opening out into a wide shallow circular bowl with a small cut-out on one side. Lower body is…

Weapon: bow
One long slender yellow-brown bamboo bow strung with hemp.

Instrument: cage
One cicada cage. Body fashioned from yellow-brown gourd. One end capped with intricately carved botanical pattern in ivory- or bone-coloured material.

Pipe: smoking
One gold-hued metallic water pipe holder and accessories. Holder consists of a flattened cylinder with a flat base. Holder sides present inscribed decorations. Holder upper surface exhibits several openings into which are inserted water pipe…

Ceramic: implement
One ceramic sceptre or ruyi in the shape of a flattened spindle. Obverse and sides are glazed in blue and white; reverse is unglazed. Lower end is disk-shaped; middle section widens into oval-shape; upper end is shield-shaped. Glazed area of ruyi…

Pipe: smoking
One pipe fabricated from an elongated sheep bone. Bowl of pipe employs a red-brown brass cartridge surrounded by three large and three small brass studs.

Armament: tsuba
One worn rounded rectangular red-brown metal sword guard or tsuba. Japanese origin. Both faces exhibit patterns in moulded relief - a dragon on one side and a samurai sword on the other. Tsuba presents three cut-out openings of which one is lined in…

Adornment: pins
Two corroded bronze pins with traces of gilding each of which consists of two long slender slightly divergent stems terminating in an ornate head featuring a moulded dragon motif.

Jade: daigou
One serpentine pale green-white jade daigou. Green-brown vein. Upper part of obverse presents carved head of a dragon. Obverse body presents pattern of dots and double spirals (ruyi motifs) carved in low relief.

Jade: pin
One long slender white jade pin. Obverse upper end terminates in circular button on which incised ruyi fungal patterns surround an inset pink gemstone.

Bronze: button
One circular bronze button with patches of brown metal visible amidst blue-green corrosion. Convex obverse divided into three tiers. Concave reverse exhibits bar loop.

Jade: blade
One L-shaped cream-brown miniature jade halberd blade. Dark blue-brown vein. Comprises long and short blades. Long blade terminates in a rectangular flange (nei) in which is pierced a rectangular opening.

Jade: pins
Two long slender green jade pins. Dark green vein. Ends of each pin decorated with carved serpentine design of waves and fish.

Jade: pendant
One blade-shaped white pendant. Brown vein. Upper end swells into carved rosette with incised details of petals and a small central hole. Implement used for loosening knots.

Jade: qi
One circular yellow-brown jade qi. Darker brown vein. Sagittal cross-section tapers inward from obverse to reverse. Obverse presents Yin-Yang symbol surrounded by an annular grain pattern. Reverse presents transverse piercing with light blue cord…

Quartz: daigou
One serpentine rose quartz daigou. Upper part of obverse presents carved head of a dragon.

Quartz: daigou
One rectangular variegated agate quartz daigou. Large slot and hook on back.

Quartz: daigou
One bulbous serpentine translucent blue-purple quartz daigou. Upper part of obverse presents carved head of a dragon.

Instrument: compass
One circular yellow-brown varnished wooden geomantic compass or luopan. Obverse presents minute radial divisions containing Chinese characters in black and red pigment surrounding central compass needle inset under glass. Reverse presents a grid…

Jade: knife
One elongated jade knife. White with light brown vein. Obverse exhibits green patch.

Jade: sui
One broad flat rectangular green-white jade sui. Brown-grey vein. Profile exhibits rectangular slot through middle of object and a hook at one end. Plain cord threaded through slot.

Ceramic: model stove
One rectangular unglazed light tan earthenware model of a stove/brazier. Model presents cut-out in the front for air circulation and clearing ash. There also are three enclosed fire boxes on top of the stove and a retaining lip along the rear edge.

Writing tool: ink stone and case
One grey rounded rectangular ink stone in a two-piece red-brown wooden case. Ink stone obverse presents flat oval working surface for grinding ink sticks. Incised botanical designs flow from obverse to reverse on one end of the stone. Reverse…

Container: wood
One brown cylindrical wooden container with a ring-shaped cap and a yellow-white bone or ivory stopper threaded through with orange cord.

Wood: sceptre
Five small carved wood sceptres embellished with red green and gold pigment. Each sceptre comprises a teardrop-shaped head and figurative motif surmounting a short shaft and crown.

Pipe: smoking
One pipe in the form of an elongated red-brown speckled bamboo cylinder with a bone mouthpiece and a brass bowl.

Bottle: snuff
One glazed blue and white ceramic snuff bottle. A short narrow neck surmounts an elongated cylindrical body tapering at the bottom towards a circular base. Body presents continuous pattern of figures in a garden landscape. Base exhibits mark of…
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