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Button: ji guan


One second rank ji guan (Chinese court official's hat) insignia. Comprises an opaque orange sphere threaded between a base and cap of bronze with traces of gilding. One side of sphere engraved with seal character 寿 shòu (longevity). Base presents a stylised moulded design; cap reiterates shòu motif corroded to the limit of legibility.


Rewi Alley


Set of Mandarin buttons, C1957.469-481, gifted to Canterbury Museum by Alley in 1937 during a visit to New Zealand. In 1950, loaned to the Rewi Alley Chinese Art and Crafts Exhibition, held at the Provincial Council Chambers, Christchurch.

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65.54x35.47mm (h x w)

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Qing Dynasty (1644-1911 AD)


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