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Money: coin


One circular coin. Obverse outer circumference presents nine Chinese characters comprising (top) 奉天省造 (minted in Fengtian province) and (bottom) 當製錢十文 (value ten wen). Obverse inner circumference presents four Chinese characters光緒元寶 (guangxu yuanbao) surrounding two Manchu characters fung boo (Fengtian Manchuria province mint). Reverse outer circumference reads FUNG-TIEN PROVINCE TEN CASH in English-language script surrounding central dragon motif. From the Gunagxu era of the reign of Emperor Dezong (1875-1908 AD).

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Physical Dimensions

27.87mm (dia)

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C1957.981; 1932.26.15

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Qing Dynasty (1644-1911 AD)



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